Our stories

  • Celia

    Celia is feeling positive about moving on after spending time at our supported living accommodation.

  • Paul

    Paul is volunteering at our Daybreak centre where he can support himself and others to manage mental health issues.

  • Hannah

    Hannah is living independently and discovering new skills and interests

  • Michael

    Michael is looking forward to creating a stable life with his new skills as a tiling tradesman.

  • Adam

    Adam is looking forward to living in a flat and starting a career.

  • Richard

    Richard is using his skills to support other people with finding employment.

  • Matthew

    Mathew has been using our Workplace Support service to develop skills and confidence, so he can secure future work and live more independently.

  • Amanda

    Amanda is loving her voluntary role, helping other people with mental health issues.

  • Grant

    Grant is using our enabling service to build confidence and overcome anxiety – helping him to pursue his passion for horses.

  • Otis

    Otis is aiming to become more independent and seek radio opportunities.