Help to refurbish our hospital

Building work is underway to renovate our new Cypress Hospital which supports people to recover from significant mental health difficulties and crisis.

The move will take place early in 2018 and we are launching a fundraising appeal to refurbish the building which will be essential to creating the right environment for supporting people’s recovery.

Why we need a new hospital building

Our existing hospital building in Paignton limits the service we can provide and cannot accommodate people with disabilities.

Our new building in Newton Abbot will enable us to provide an enhanced service for more people across a wider area of Devon and will enable them to be supported closer to home.

Our plans

We have purchased a former care home in Newton Abbot and are working with Randall Simmonds, Rogers and Jones and MBS Building and Maintenance to renovate it to meet our needs.  We aim to be using the new facilities in early 2018.

What our new hospital building will provide

  • 14 en-suite bedrooms allowing us to support another 20 people each year
  • expert clinical care from mental health nurses in enhanced facilities that meet all clinical requirements
  • accessible accommodation and facilities that ensure the needs of disabled service users and visitors are met in a way that promotes inclusivity
  • flexibility to alter the ratio of male and female bedroom accommodation based on service user needs
  • a calm, comfortable and non institutional atmosphere that facilitates people’s recovery
  • care closer to their community where they can be supported by family and friends
  • a warm and welcoming multi-functional adult and child-friendly visiting space away from service user areas
  • good transport links including access to public transport and local shops

How your support will help people’s recovery

Cypress Hospital focuses on empowering people with the confidence, coping skills, hope and self-awareness to manage their mental health and recover a sense of meaning and purpose within their lives.

Our staff are skilled at supporting people to take a positive step forwards in their recovery and in 2016-17 they supported 108 people to move on to living more independently.

Our new hospital will enable us to provide care closer to people’s communities, so it is easier to stay in touch and be supported by family and friends.

We have always been proud of providing a calming and homely environment while also providing clinical care because that aids people’s recovery.

How we refurbish our new hospital is vital in providing the right environment for people at a crucial point in their recovery journey.








“I can only see one improvement – teach other places what you have here…I was able to talk to your staff because they were strangers but friendly strangers with an understanding of where we are with our needs and always ready to help and listen – never judgemental. We have their respect. I have been able to speak more about feelings now, more than any other time in my life. You humble me with your kindness and generosity and always a smile. Thank you one and for all for making me aware of who I am and what I am.”  Someone who has used our Cypress service.

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