supporting people to live more independently

Step One supports people to live more independently

We encourage people to take a first step to being in control of their future and fulfilling their potential.

We encourage people to take a first step to being in control of their future and fulfilling their potential

We are Step One. 

We work with a diverse range of people who may have a mental health issue and/or a hidden disability such as an autism spectrum condition.

Our supportive staff work in the community and at our dedicated facilities, including a newly refurbished hospital and supported living residences.

Part of our approach is considering a person’s wider wellbeing which could be affecting their mental health, their ability to work, or to be a part of their community.

 As well as supporting individuals, the ‘BeWell@StepOne’ project aims to support communities and businesses to understand and support their own, and other’s, mental health and wellbeing through online and face-to-face learning opportunities and supportive groups. 

We are a Devon-based charity with over 80 years’ experience in providing specialised support throughout the county. 

Do you, or does someone else, need help now?

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Things are really tough right now for so many people

If you can, try go outside for a walk today (within guidelines),nature has been scientifically proven to help our mental health

Even a few minutes outside will do you good, often the hardest part is getting out the front door

We're delighted to be sharing more #AYearInOurLives today!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped to tell the story of the pandemic through sharing their own experience.

Have a read here:


Now more than ever it's important to stay connected 💚

That's why we're encouraging you to share a virtual cuppa and a chat with your friends, family, or colleagues to turn #BlueMonday into #BrewMonday today ☕ 💬

If you're feeling low this #BlueMonday, or if the whole start of this new year has left you feeling down, we've got some tips to help improve your mood #takeonestep #mentalhealthsupport

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