Baking and Mental Health

Baking has been shown to be extremely beneficial for boosting mental health, with advantages such as enhanced mindfulness, satisfaction, and sensory pleasure. Bakers who suffer from depression or other mood disorders turn to baking as a form of therapy to relieve stress and anxiety because they it’s a way to re-focus on something other than what is troubling them.

Reasons why baking is great for your mental health

1. It's meditative

Baking (and cooking) is an activity that takes your complete concentration – especially if it’s basic and repetitive – and it may help you relax. The act of weighing ingredients, whisking eggs, and folding dough relieves stress and helps to reduce negative thoughts.

2. It stimulates the senses

Feeling the flour, hearing the blender, and smelling the finished result may all help to release feel-good endorphins and reduce stress and anxiety.

3. It's creative

There is a positive correlation between creativity and improved wellbeing. Baking allows you to experiment with recipes, colours and appearance so why don’t you try something new today?

4. It's a way for you to be in control

With every ingredient needing to be measured out and the recipe needing to be followed in order to get the final product, baking is an activity that allows you to experience what it’s like to stay in control.

5. It increases your self-confidence

People who suffer from depression often have poor self-esteem, but knowing that others loved your baking might help you overcome those self-critical ideas and better your other difficulties.

If you are looking for an quick and easy recipe, check out our cinnamon roll video down below, if this recipe isn’t something you roll with then there are sure to be plenty of other easy recipes online to get you started in the baking world.

Show us your final products down below, we can’t wait to see them!


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