Mental Health First Aid Training in Exeter

BeWell at Work – Mental Health First Aid Training for Employers & Employees

Embed a mental health focus within your organisation and support your teams to thrive!

*Upcoming Mental Health First Aid Two-Day Course Dates*

Day 1: 8th February 2023
Day 2: 9th February 2023
10.00am – 3.00pm

Price includes assessment, certification.

Did you know that poor mental health costs UK employers £45 billion each year?

The stark reality is that mental health problems are increasing, with a reported 1 in 5 people now showing signs of depression (compared to 1 in 10 before the COVID-19 pandemic), along with 6 in 10 adults saying they have been feeling anxious, depressed or hopeless as a result of the cost-of-living crisis.

Step One’s Mental Health First Aid courses can support your organisation to:
  • Break the stigma of talking about mental health issues in the workplace
  • Encourage more open conversations and greater understanding of mental health
  • Provide people with the tools and confidence to have helpful conversations with their colleagues
  • Signpost people to access the support they need and encourage them to take steps to take control of their wellbeing
  • Promote a long-term positive culture across the whole organisation, where employees recognise that both their mental and physical health are supported

Designed for both employers and employees, our courses provide essential training on mental health and wellbeing throughout the workplace. We offer half-day, one-day and two-day courses.

Why choose Step One?

Not only does the BeWell@StepOne project support businesses, we also offer funded support to help individuals in the Devon community to manage their mental health.

Formerly St Loye’s Foundation, Step One is a local charity based in Exeter which delivers essential support to people across Devon with mental health problems and who may also have learning disabilities.

We offer community support services as well as crisis interventions, in-patient clinical care and easy access to our BeWell@StepOne project which offers self help courses, workshops and peer support groups to individuals along with mental health training for workplaces.

Our charitable purpose is to offer real support for people with disabilities and mental health issues, and we achieve this by building capacity and resilience in our community; making effective choices available; and supporting independent living.

Step One mental health charity Exeter
Upcoming Mental Health First Aid Two-Day Course Dates:

Day 1: 8th February 2023
Day 2: 9
th February 2023
10.00am – 3.00pm

Price includes assessment, certification.

If you would like to enquire about one of our training courses, or discuss bespoke options for your business, please get in touch with Amy using the contact details below.


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