BeWell@StepOne Peer Support Groups

Regular Mental Health Support from people who understand how you feel

We offer a range of weekly online and in-person peer support groups

Would you like regular online support from people who understand how you feel? Could you share your experiences to help others?
Run by two of our course trainers, our online and in-person peer support groups offer you an opportunity to meet others, share your experiences, discuss the techniques learnt in our courses, and develop self-management techniques to maintain good mental health.

All Welcome Wellbeing Group

Our All Welcome Wellbeing Group takes place through a zoom meeting every Tuesday at 2.00pm to 3.30pm.

This remote peer support group will help you develop a better understanding of your own mental health in a safe, supportive environment with others who have walked in your shoes.

This group will also celebrate successes, provide a general check-in to discuss your week and learn coping strategies if things aren't going so well.

This is an ongoing group, open to all. You do not need to book a place, just contact the training team for the meeting code and join us at 2pm on Tuesdays.

H.O.P.E Peer Support Group

Our Continued H.O.P.E Peer Support Group takes place through a zoom meeting every Thursday at 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

This group is open to individuals who have completed BeWell@StepOne's H.O.P.E course as it will give you a chance to develop skills you've learnt on the H.O.P.E course.

This group offers an opportunity for you to talk about any concerns, share your experiences and receive support from others who are experiencing similar feelings.

Drop-in (virtually), every Thursday, as and when you need. Contact our training team for details on how to join the meeting.

Tuesday Peer Support Group

Our BeWell Tuesday Peer Support Group meets face-to-face in Paignton each week at 10.00am to 1.00pm.

This group is focused around craft, so you can get creative, put your artistic skills to the test and create something, or just have a coffee and a chat. It is the perfect way to meet with others who can personally relate to your experiences. Please feel free to contact us for details of what we have planned.

The group is very supportive but having fun is also a valuable part of the benefits joining this group can offer.

Please get in touch for further details.

Thursday Peer Support Group

Our BeWell Thursday Peer Support Group meets face-to-face each week in Paignton at 10.00am to 12.00pm.

Thursdays group allows people to meet with others, learn new skills, and develop a sense of belonging. The morning includes different activities to help you feel comfortable and develop confidence. These can range from playing board games and quizzes, exploring wellbeing strategies such as mindfulness or progressive muscle relaxation, to looking at practical skills such as how you use your laptop or smart phone. Please feel free to contact us for details of what we have planned.

Only join in with the activities that you are comfortable with. Stay for the first hour, join for the second hour - or come along for the whole session!

Please get in touch for further details.

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Nervous about joining?

We understand that people can be nervous about joining online groups and discussing mental health. Our tutors are experienced and supportive, and if you would like to chat about any of our courses before committing to joining, then please do contact us. 

Please use the contact form below, and one of our training team will be in touch.

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For more information about our Mental Health First Aid courses for employees or employers, please complete the contact form above, or contact Amy at amy.erith@steponecharity.co.uk.

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