Caroline Muggridge - Head of Finance and Infrastructure

Caroline leads as the Head of Finance & Infrastructure, guiding the charity’s financial functions with smart planning, strong leadership and careful oversight.

Caroline qualified as a Chartered Accountant and having left practice, worked for the National Trust which was a terrific opportunity at an early stage in her career. At this point she embarked on a MBA and from there worked across various sectors in both the private and public sectors. She later studied psychology obtaining a degree which she feels was both insightful and completely meaningful in the workplace.

During the latter years, Caroline has worked through her own company as Finance Director supporting businesses at all different stages in their lifecycle. She continues to value the respect and trust gained in those engagements which vary enormously from financial engagements to strategy, and people and process improvements. 

Caroline Muggridge - Head of Finance & Infrastructure at Step One Charity,

I am delighted to be part of Step One and keen to learn and work with others to collectively support individuals and communities.

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