“I like having a duty of care to people”

Adam is looking forward to living in a flat and starting a career.

He uses our Enabling Services and has been living in our supported living residence in Exeter while doing voluntary work.

Now he’s ready to move out of shared accommodation and into a flat where he can live more independently.

He says: “I’m excited about the flat and am confident in my life skills like cooking. I will continue to see a support worker – they have knowledge in the right areas and help me understand paperwork. I enjoy going for walks with them.”

Adam is interested in people’s rights and enjoys learning about law as hobby and being able to advise friends.

He also likes doing practical work where he is responsible for other people’s safety and wellbeing.

He has been regularly volunteering as a groundsman at a local zoo, keeping the environment safe and tidy and answering queries from visitors. He also volunteers with a garden trust where he has learned new skills and now supports other people to do the same.

Adam feels the prison service could offer a good career and is applying for an apprenticeship.

He says: “I like dealing with people and being trusted to get on with the job. I like the idea of having a duty of care to people, like I do in my voluntary work.

Adam has Asperger syndrome and feels it is an asset for him. He says: “It makes me see things in a different way than most people do. It helps me with my work with people because I can understand things from another angle.”