“I’ve come so far”

Grant used our Enabling Services to build confidence and overcome anxiety and agoraphobia.

When Grant started working with our enabling team he had been living with anxiety and agoraphobia, which had left him housebound for five years.

Grant has Asperger syndrome which is an autism spectrum condition and affects how people perceive the world and interact with others.

He worked with our support workers to gradually build-up confidence in being outside.

Grant explains: “There had been various things that triggered my agoraphobia. I think one of them may have been being badly bullied at school. I bottled everything up. And the second thing was that I used to believe stuff that people said would happen which made me worry and become panicked and then I would have all these panic attacks.


“Before I used the Enabling Services I would struggle with going to places like down the road, or being in shops. It was a massive relief when I went to the end of the road at my old house because it took a lot of effort and a lot of time to get me that far. I was so happy because I had completed that goal. My support worker believed in me and encouraged me – saying that nothing was going to happen and everything was going to be fine. They helped me with my anxiety.”

Grant worked with our support workers on techniques to manage his anxiety. He also worked towards being able to do a course in the future and gain qualifications. He loves being with horses and has gained experience at a local stable.

He says: “The connection that I have with the horses is special because it helps with my anxiety.”

Grant talking about his experience of agoraphobia

Grant gaining experience at a stable