“It’s helpful to have something to focus on”

Hannah is living independently and discovering new skills and interests

She has gone from living in shared accommodation with 24/7 support, to living in a flat on her own with 12 hours of support each week from our Enabling Services.

Hannah has Asperger syndrome and Addison’s disease which can affect how she is feeling. She says: “I get support with my emotions and my support workers are really good at making me feel less bad.”

One of Hannah’s interests is observing wildlife in the city around her, and she also likes to try new things and learn new skills.

She says: “I enjoy having company when I go into town. One of the things I like to do is watch different birds – I’ve seen pied wagtails in the high street and moorhens in the university grounds.

“I would love a job with animals but it’s difficult to get into that so I am doing different courses at college to see what I would like to do more of.”

Hannah is supported with walking to college but participates in her courses independently.

She says: “I’ve done a course in artisan chocolate-making. I thought it would be fine and it was, but it was a bit time-consuming. There are lots of steps and you have to be exact. But I was fine and I learnt a lot. I would like to have more time to do it.

“I did pottery which was more down to earth but you were using equipment that had been used by lots of people. Each course has different levels of stress.”

Hannah is also developing skills at home. She says: “I’m cooking more now I have my own kitchen. Support workers help me with this, and motivate me to keep things tidy!”

She is now planning to do a patisserie course in the spring. She says: “I want to find out what I enjoy. I like trying things with no pressure. Sometimes you lose your way so it’s helpful to have something to focus on.”