Step One has helped me make journeys, physically and mentally.

Jackie is using our Enabling Services to become more confident with travelling and being outside of her home. 

Jackie has made great progress over a year and a half of working with us – from feeling unable to leave her home, she now enjoys visiting new places and trying new skills. She is also looking forwarding to decorating a new home where she can use her flair for arts and crafts.

When Jackie first got in touch with us she was anxious about becoming housebound. She has an autism spectrum condition and a sensory processing disorder, which can make it challenging to navigate the outside world and interact with different people.

Jackie says: “The first thing I wanted to achieve was just to get out of the house. I was scared of even going outside my front door because it was too stressful. When I found Step One I was really anxious but I feared the future if I didn’t make an effort. I wanted to have the confidence to go outdoors again and go to places.”

“We are equal”

Through our Enabling Services Jackie has a number of hours each week of one-to-one support. Initially, she found it exhausting to interact with support workers but persevered. Now she has developed a helpful rapport with two of our team who enjoy similar interests.

She says: “I don’t really remember what the turning point was but I think it was more that we would go out and have a laugh, and had the same interests. Like going to the Charlie Bear factory, visiting garden nurseries or pet places. It’s like going out with a friend and we are equal.

“I find technical problems daunting and luckily one of my support workers is good at solving them. It’s amazing how little things like that can get on top of you in life but Step One has always been able to help me solve it.”

Jackie is now a client at a local garden trust and helps in the office, after initial support to travel there and feel comfortable. She says: “That’s a big achievement and now I look forward to going.” She also enjoys courses including sketching and photography, with some support to attend the first sessions and settle in.

“I love creating”

Jackie is looking to her next challenge: decorating her new home. She says: “I love creating and personalising things. I’m looking forward to having a new decorating project, and I want somewhere for my dog to enjoy – she’s a rescue and we have really helped each other.”

Meanwhile, Jackie will continue working with us on confidence using public transport and experiencing new places (like a recent visit to Haldon Forest!).

“Step One has helped me make journeys, physically and mentally. It’s not always been a smooth journey but I have come a long way. There are still days when I’m afraid to leave the house but I don’t feel so exhausted if I do make a small journey by myself. I feel Step One is always close if something comes along that disturbs me. They are amazingly caring, patient, supportive and understanding. I have done so many things because they have been there at my side.”