I used Workplace Support as a launch pad

Mathew used our Workplace Support service to develop skills and confidence, so he can secure future work and live more independently.

While doing seasonal work at Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park he worked with us on his timings and tasks when cleaning caravans, as well as developing a CV and planning for more permanent employment.

Alongside this, Matthew was tenacious in gaining qualifications in IT, maths and English, proving to himself that he can achieve his goals. He also volunteered in a charity shop.

Matthew has an autism spectrum condition, requires various medication and has experienced post-traumatic stress disorder.

A few years ago he found it difficult to leave the house but, after watching Paralympians on TV, taught himself to read and started his journey to employment and independence.

He says: “I struggled for quite a number of years but reading and courses have been a cure for me being unwell.

“When my mind focusses on reading and maths it doesn’t think of anything else – the negative thoughts go away. I get a sense of huge achievement when I pass my courses.

“I used Workplace Support as a launch pad so that I can cope on my own completely independently next season. And then hopefully I can go on and do more work.

“Longer-term, I would like to work with computers. Getting a permanent job would enable me to go into another flat where I can become fully independent.”

Matthew continues to go from strength to strength at work, and has received staff awards for his work at the holiday park.