It’s a great feeling when you can resolve problems

Richard is using his skills to support other people with finding employment.

He has joined our Work Routes team as an administrative assistant after benefitting himself from our employment programme in north Cornwall.

Richard had a long career as a senior retail manager and was retired but looking for ways to support his local community and supplement his income.

After speaking to one of our Work Routes employment consultants at a job fayre he realised he could benefit from our support to find the right role.

Richard says: “I met the employment consultant a few times who was fantastic and explained how the programme worked. They were able to give me helpful pointers for my CV – which was interesting as I’d had it professionally done and didn’t realise that it could be improved. We reduced it in size, highlighting more of my skills and focusing on what I wanted to do.

“When you are on the Work Routes programme you learn about more job opportunities and it so happened that an admin position came available at the Bodmin office.

“I now work part-time and my role includes speaking to people and employers to follow-up progress, making appointments and welcoming people when they come for their one-to-one sessions with the consultants.

“I’m a people-person so I’m really enjoying it. Because I’ve been through the process myself I can understand it from both sides and relate to how people feel when they are looking for work. The consultants also explain their role to me and I’m interested in doing that kind of work myself in the future.

“I’ve always been involved in local charity work and I really liked the personalised approach of Work Routes – supporting people to find the work they want and treating them as more than a number.

“It’s really nice to hear the positive feedback from people that we have helped and their families. It’s a great feeling when you can resolve problems.”