My confidence keeps growing

Will’s self-esteem has improved after successfully applying for and settling into his first paid job.

He is now an administrative assistant at a care home after participating in our Work Routes programme.

Will has a learning difficulty and a mental health issue, and had spent 18 months searching for employment after moving to the south west.

He was signposted to our team by his local Jobcentre Plus, and had one to one support from our employment consultant.

This included identifying his barriers to finding work, creating a detailed action plan, creating an effective CV, gaining voluntary work to boost his work experience and obtain references, and also having support with skills that are helpful for being in a workplace.

Will says: “It was also really helpful to learn interview skills, to learn how to let people know about my disability and to look at the positive things I have to offer.”

His confidence and self-esteem improved as he started applying for jobs that were suited to his skills.

Once he started his administrative role he received 26 weeks of in-work support from our consultant, which included support with career development and progression reviews.

Will says: “I now feel settled into my role and am enjoying it. Working has helped to improve my mental health and my confidence keeps growing day by day.

“I’m really glad I contacted Work Routes.”