CFO3 - Through the Gate Support ​

Supporting people who have had contact with the judicial system to build relationships, gain meaningful employment, address financial issues, and leave addiction behind. 

CFO3 - Through the Gate Support

Part-funded by the European Social Fund

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"The best thing about this programme is the opportunity for courses and support. The 'Managing Substance Misuse' course was really helpful and has given me tools I can use in my everyday life, not just to stay away from drugs. I would recommend it to anyone, it is really good."

CFO3 is a voluntary programme that is supported by His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) and part funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) on behalf of Shaw Trust.

The CFO3 project supports people across Devon in many different areas from looking for somewhere to live, leaving addiction behind to helping build relationships or addressing financial issues.  Training is available to everybody who joins us to gain new skills and begin new journeys.  You chose what you want support with to leave crime behind.

Our dedicated case managers support individuals in both custody and the community to become more stable and socially included, gain valuable skills and find work. CFO3 supports participants to take control of their futures and be less likely to re-offend.

Our team works meaningfully to engage with people, enabling them to get actively involved with their local communities and access the support options available so they can change their lives for the better and feel more a working part of their of local areas.

This service is accessed through self-referral and referral via prison resettlement teams, Correctional Reception Centres (CRC) and National Probation Service (NPS) Offender Managers and is open to UK residents over the age of 18, who are unemployed and serving in custody or completing licence, sentence supervision or community order.

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Let's Talk Programme

Let’s Talk is aimed at learners who wish to gain a better understanding of wellbeing.

The programme will guide learners through what good and bad wellbeing look like before exploring strategies to help improve and maintain good wellbeing.

Let’s Talk covers:

  • What mental health is
  • How mental health can change
  • Tips to promote good mental health
  • Building resilience
  • How to recognise support needs in others
  • Creating a personal working document that supports good mental health

Accredited by Highfield Qualifications, Let’s Talk provides support to those in custody and those in the community to better manage their mental health and learn important skills to support their long-term wellbeing.

Watch this video about Ben to learn a bit more about our CFO3 programme and the impact it has on the people we work with.

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