Nice poem

This poem was written by a person who attended our Understand Self-Harm course and has given permission to share it with you.

We get together Fridays
Around about eleven
A break from our normality
A little piece of heaven

We listen to each other talk
We sometimes want to share
We leave here full of hope and love
To know somebody cares

Some of us have coffee
To soothe away our pain
A mug of just hot water
Comforts just the same

We learn from our great teachers
To think of ways to cope
Not to be self-critical
To live each day with hope

We’ve all got different stories
But somehow we’re the same
To share our tears and laughter
Helps to keep us sane

I’m leaving here much stronger
I’m happier and calm
You are all a reason to go on
And keep myself from harm

I’d like to say a thank you
For letting me take part
For allowing me to share your time
For helping heal my heart