Rehabilitation Service at Cypress Hospital

Step One Charity’s rehabilitation service at Cypress Hospital operates a 24/7 inpatient ward dedicated to supporting people with complex mental health recovery needs in southern and western Devon on their journey to recovery. Our focus is on providing hope and rehabilitation as part of the intensive inpatient component of the care pathway.

Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals work closely with the people we support and their family to develop a personalised treatment plan that meets their individual needs and goals.

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Cypress Hospital garden
Team of mental health professionals outside Cypress Hospital with the blue sky

Service overview

During their stay at Cypress Hospital, patients receive a thorough assessment of their physical and mental health, as well as their support networks and community resources. The team then works with them to develop a personalised rehabilitation plan that focuses on helping them achieve their goals, such as improving social and occupational functioning, developing independence and self-management skills, and reducing the risk of relapse. 

The team also works closely with patients’ families and other support networks to ensure that they have the support they need to succeed after they leave Cypress Hospital. 

Our rehabilitation service includes: 

  • Assessment of needs, support networks, housing status, and community support
  • Individual support for recovery and hope

  • Medication management and identification of physical health needs or risks

  • Development of a rehabilitation plan that includes moving to a community setting

  • Individual and group based occupational therapy

  • Partnerships with other providers to ensure the most appropriate care

  • Signposting to organisations that can help with benefits, housing and education

Aims of the service

The aims of Step One Charity’s rehabilitation service at Cypress Hospital are to: 

  • Maximise social, occupational, and other areas of need 
  • Provide a safe, therapeutic, and hopeful environment
  • Maximise involvement and support for families, friends, and carers, working in partnership
  • Provide the best available multi-disciplinary treatment
  • Work with the individual to develop independence, self-help, and self-management skills
  • Promote social connections by ensuring every person that uses our service is linked into community activities where able
  • Ensure that all people that use our service are supported in discharge planning and provided with the appropriate support package on discharge from hospital

    The anticipated outcomes of the service include: 

    • Improved mental and physical health
    • Reduced risk of relapse
    • Increased social participation
    • Improved quality of life
Living room at Cypress Hospital

Our facilities include

  • En-suite bedrooms 
  • Designate single gender areas
  • Occupational therapy suite 
  • Mobility-friendly environment 
  • WiFi and secure charging stations 
  • Family room 
  • Meeting space
  • Garden 


All our referrals come through Devon Partnership Trust.  

“It is so rewarding working with individuals and watching them grow in ability and self-confidence throughout their rehabilitation journey at Cypress. To see individuals better able to manage their mental health on a daily basis, whilst moving forward with meaning and hope in their lives, is a real privilege.”

– Clare, Occupational Therapist

“The time spent at Cypress hospital has been invaluable. I feel the staff have been very caring and sensitive to my needs. There is a great staff rapport which helps to create a lovely environment in which to recover/recoup in. I am leaving here feeling positive about my future. Thanks everyone!”

Step One