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We are continuing to fundraise to further enhance the environment at Cypress Hospital which has an important role in helping people to recover from a mental health crisis.

We moved our service to a new building in March 2018 after renovating and refurbishing it to meet the needs of people we support.

Our new hospital in Newton Abbot enables us to offer high-quality support for more people across a wider area of Devon.

Importance of our hospital environment

Cypress Hospital is an open unit where people are free to come and go, subject to their support plan.

Providing a comfortable, positive environment is a vital part of supporting people at an important point in their recovery and who are transitioning to living more independently back in their community.

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“I can only see one improvement – teach other places what you have here…I was able to talk to your staff because they were strangers but friendly strangers with an understanding of where we are with our needs and always ready to help and listen – never judgemental. We have their respect. I have been able to speak more about feelings now, more than any other time in my life. You humble me with your kindness and generosity and always a smile. Thank you one and for all for making me aware of who I am and what I am.”  Someone who has used our Cypress service.