The Effects of the Beach on Your Mental Health

It's true - Our local beaches are good for our mental health!

Living in Devon gives us a head start over other regions in the UK as a new study conducted by the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, suggests that exposure to coastal environments can play a huge role in boosting mental health and wellbeing, due to the therapeutic effects marine and coastal landscapes have.

How can the beach affect my mood? 

  • It’s a change of scenery – some studies show that experiencing the same thing over and over again can cause stress and anxiety. The beach can engage your senses to new sights, smells, tastes and sounds which can improve your mental state and increase feelings of relaxation.
  • It improves overall wellbeing – having exposure to the sun and sea air is great for your mental health especially when you get in the water as it can increase mindfulness and physical activity.
  • It lowers stress – Being in nature, a place you feel safe can lower your blood pressure and stress levels.
  • It lifts your mood – spending time on the beach can increase your self-esteem and promotes relaxation as it makes you feel less isolated and a lot happier.
Check out our top 5 local beach recommendations! Don’t forget to tag us in your beach photos and let us know where you favourite beach is in the comment section down below.

1. Salcombe beach

2. Budleigh Salterton beach

3. Meadfoot beach

4. Croyde beach

5. Exmouth beach


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