Ely’s Story

Ely had lived with his uncle for 19 years. They had a good relationship, but Ely really wanted his own place. Ely found his social anxiety could sometimes hold him back from the things he wanted to do.

He started working with the Community Support Services at Step One and Toby from our team helped Ely build his confidence and develop his skills to live independently. Ely is now living in his own accommodation.

Here are his words.

“Since working with Step One, and Toby specifically, I feel I have come a long way. He got me to look at my diet, to go out and try new activities like climbing, going to the driving range, and shopping – which helped massively with my social anxiety.

I didn’t like talking on the phone – I still don’t, but now I can if I need to! 

Toby has definitely helped me to expand my diet, and I don’t know how, but he has even got me to do ab workouts by myself in my new flat. So now I have moved out of my uncle’s and into my own place, which is much better. 

All in all, my life has changed a lot in the last couple of years thanks to my family and Step One.”

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