Health Anxiety Workshop

Free BeWell@Stepone Workshop

This two-hour workshop will provide you with information about health anxiety, including how to decrease your health worries and concerns.

Health anxiety refers to the experience of believing that there may be a threat to your health, which subsequently triggers your anxiety response, despite negative test results and/or reassurance from health professionals.

It can lead to unhelpful behaviours such as excessive checking, reassurance seeking (e.g., from doctors, family or friends), and can cause significant distress, or impair your ability to go about your day-to-day life.

This workshop will provide participants with various strategies to reduce symptoms.

Health Anxiety Workshop Dates:

Start date: Thursday 26th October 2023
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Online Workshop
1 two hour session

Have a question? Feel free to get in touch with us at: training@steponecharity.co.uk

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