The Mental Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is a great way to better not only your physical health, but mental health too. It can improve our mood, mental health, energy levels, and gives us a peaceful time to think about life and growth. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, the simple action of walking comes with a whole host of benefits.

Here are 7 benefits of walking:

1. Energy boosting

Walking improves blood flow throughout the body, particularly to the muscles and brain. This increased flow helps us feel more energised, similar to how our bodies feel after exercising.

2. Improves mood

Did you know that walking releases endorphins into our bodies on a regular basis? This can result in improved brain functioning which is essential for our busy lifestyles. A simple 15 minute stroll and breath of fresh air can go a long way, having a significant impact on our mood throughout the day.

3. Reduces stress and anxiety

Endorphins are known to not only boost our mood but also to lower our stress levels. Being physically active helps lower the risk of clinical depression and spending more time in nature can also help to quiet the mind.

4. Improves body confidence

Walking is a great physical activity for individuals who want to include more exercise into their daily routine without putting their bodies through too much strain. Despite its simplicity, walking will provide many of the same advantages as more intense exercise over time.

5. Helps to improve sleep routine

Walking not only increases our energy levels, but it also increases our levels of rest! Regular exercise can help us achieve deeper sleep and improve our sleep patterns. It is especially beneficial for people who have difficulty sleeping at night.

6. Brings more social opportunities

Being sociable is an important aspect of everyone’s wellbeing, and many people try to combine physical activity with social activities. Walking is an excellent option for those who want to get out and appreciate their environment with friends and family.

7. Unleashes creativity

When you go for a walk, the release of endorphins allows the body and brain to relax, feel good and focus on positivity meaning your creative juices are more likely to flow!

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