Step One’s Christmas Appeal

Mental health issues don't disappear over Christmas. That's why we are raising funds for vital mental health support services that could prevent someone's mental health condition from escalating into something more serious, and that support could potentially save their life this Christmas.

Help Step One prevent someone from reaching a crisis point this Christmas.

How your money can help us

Why we need your support this Christmas

This year, we’re raising money for our online mental health service BeWell@StepOne.

BeWell@StepOne is Step One’s specific response to the record number of people across Devon who are seeking support for their mental health, like Patrick.

BeWell@StepOne offers online support through courses and workshops, to those who experience mental health issues, by supporting them to find better coping strategies and self-management techniques to maintain good mental health.

Our courses and workshops enable participants to explore their strengths and gain support from others who have walked in their shoes.

BeWell@StepOne is run entirely through voluntary donations, meaning that the generosity of our community is key to the services we provide. Any donation will go directly towards funding the practitioners who run the courses, or to training volunteers who so kindly offer their time to help others, or to supporting teams who work so hard to keep our charity running behind the scenes.

''I found the course content was very close to home and quite an eye opener. I am already trying some of the tactics, but there is more I can put in place from what I have learnt on this course.''
- BeWell@StepOne Participant

''Very helpful, and nice to see other people have similar struggles as I don't know of many people who have similar struggles. It was also nice that it didn't feel rushed.'' - BeWell@StepOne Participant

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