Positive feedback from Torbay Peer Support

As we continue to support our projects, we’d like to share some feedback from some of our service users of the Torbay Peer Support Project.

Thank you to Sharon & Rachael for the continued support for the project and community.

Comments and ideas from Torbay Peer Support Project during Coronavirus lockdown

Good Afternoon Sharon

Hope you are well. I have just wrote a little paragraph on how I’m coping with the isolation.

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you for setting up the messenger group for the Torbay Peer Support Project. This service has really helped me stay positive. At times my anxiety can take over and the thought of not being able to see my family I’m really struggling with. This group helps me to realize that we are all in the same boat.  I loved the daily tasks that were set as that was my goal each day and it inspired me after that to set my own goals. I start my day with the messenger group and end my day with the group. It has made self-isolation a lot easier for me. The video chats are fantastic as not only can we talk to others but we can also see them too which I do enjoy who I can see when I’m talking. 

Thank you so much for all the support that you and Rachael still continue to deliver.

Keep Safe

From Pauline C.

Hello this is my feedback on how I am doing through the lockdown. I am so happy Sharon Nott set up the group chats on Facebook. Sharon has given us tasks to do every day and keeping us all busy and active from home .I would have been in despair without Sharon giving us online tasks to do.

Sharon has thought all these tasks through thoroughly as myself and the group are all getting involved and having great fun talking and discussing things at the same time. Sharon Nott and Rachael Cooper are checking up on us all regularly to see how we are doing and if we need anything they are just a phone call away. I give them so much credit for what they are doing for us all at this time. Thank you Sharon Nott Rachael Cooper and Step one for being here for us during the lock down. Many thanks

From Paul. S

Hello one and all!  I am managing to isolate myself well so far. I have an action plan for every day. For instance I got my Karcher out and am cleaning a room of windows every day. Other actions are sorting out cupboards, clothes, cleaning in those neglected places I usually ignore. So a plan a day may keep Corona away!  I walk the dogs in the morning which is uplifting too… Keep well guys and gals… Love you all and see in group soon! Xxx

From Lynn T.

Knowing someone is always there if we need them. Brilliant team leaders. Stops us feeling isolated and the group put amusing things on to make us laugh. Very 

Important at a time like this. We can also ask for help. Keep the chat line on all day 

To feel connected with the other group members. Thank you everyone.

From Elaine F