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RB’s Story: Overcoming Challenges with CFO3 Programme

In September 2022, RB was referred to the Step One Charity CFO3 team due to his lack of employment skills and a desire to stay occupied.

RB had a fairly good upbringing and maintained a close relationship with his family. However, his limited social skills, coupled with an undiagnosed learning disability contributed to feelings of isolation and loneliness. RB’s struggle with these challenges led to his involvement in an offense of indecent exposure. RB took full responsibility for his actions and expressed that he wants to move forward with his life.

RB experienced a turning point when he successfully completed his offending behaviour course and Unpaid Work Program (UPW). He also started volunteering in a local charity shop’s warehouse which he really enjoyed and prompted a desire to find full-time paid employment. After hearing about CFO3’s services and how they could potentially support him, RB was happy to engage with the program. Since November 2022, RB met with his Case Manager every three weeks.

RB’s journey on the CFO3 program involved various transformative steps. The support he received enabled him to write a comprehensive CV and disclosure letter, enhance his interview skills, obtain a provisional driving license, search and apply for jobs and explore different courses and employment sectors. Gradually, these efforts helped remove barriers to finding employment upon release.

Together with help from his Case Manager, RB applied for over 50 jobs, demonstrating his readiness for work. Although he faced some unsuccessful interviews, each experience served as a valuable learning curve for future opportunities. With ongoing support from his Case Manager, RB applied for a craft warehouse role in the Plymouth area. After impressing the employers during a trial shift, RB received an offer of full-time employment starting from June 2023. This achievement marks a significant milestone in RB’s journey towards stability and personal growth.

RB is currently enjoying his work and the financial stability it provides. His Case Manager is pleased with his progress and optimistic that this new chapter in RB’s life will be a positive one.

RB’s experience with the CFO3 program showcases the transformative power of tailored support and guidance. By addressing his employment needs and providing opportunities for personal development, RB has been able to overcome barriers, secure employment, and embark on a positive path forward.

This success story is just one example of the impact our Case Managers have made through the CFO3 program. To further understand the transformative journeys and the role of our Case Managers, we invite you to watch a video telling Ben’s story. In this video, we share Ben’s journey and experience with the CFO3 programme, highlighting the positive impact it had on his life and how our Case Managers supported him and provided him with hope.

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