Skydive for Step One Charity

The sky really is the limit when raising money for Step One Charity!

Have you been wanting to tick a skydive off your bucket list? Why don’t you support your local mental health charity and jump for free at the same time?

We’ve partnered up with Skydive Buzz based in Dunkeswell Airfield in East Devon, to give you the opportunity to take part in an exhilarating Skydive for free when raising money for Step One. All you have to do is raise £395! 

You can choose to take your leap of faith from 7,000 feet with 15 seconds of free falling, or take the 15,000 feet jump with 60 seconds of free falling – the highest available in the UK.

How can I sign up?

  1. Visit our Skydive Buzz here. Choose the date for your jump. Although we have booked Saturday 22nd October 2022, you can book an alternative date through our page if this date is not suitable for you. Once you’ve chosen your date, follow the ‘Book Now’ instructions – remember to tick the ‘Jumping for charity’ and ‘Jump for free’ options and secure your jump with a £50 deposit.

  2. Set up your fundraising page so that you can easily share your campaign with friends and family to raise money for Devon’s mental health charity We recommend you sign up on JustGiving and Facebook. It’s really important to set up a fundraising page so that friends and family can easily donate to your charity jump and you can raise the minimum amount required to jump for free.

  3. Spread the word and start raising funds for your jump! To jump all you have to do is raise the minimum amount required – £395. Now that you have your fundraising page and date set, it’s time to gather donations from your friends and family. You can do this by sharing your page on social media and telling the people you meet – make sure everybody you know, knows about it.Once you have the minimum amount, your big day is paid for. Out of the money you have raised for the skydive, £195 of it will be given to Step One Charity. Anything raised over the minimum amount will be sent to Step One to help us to continue to make a difference to the Devon community.

A £50 deposit will be required at the time of booking.  Compulsory Insurance is provided through Skydive Buzz at £18.74.

Please let us know once you have booked your jump and if you like, we can help you set up an online fundraising page and help to promote your jump via our social media pages.

Once you’ve signed up on the Skydive Buzz website, email fundraising@steponecharity.co.uk for additional fundraising support and any posters or flyers to help you on your way! 

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