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This Wednesday is Random Acts of Kindness, traditionally a day when people undertake thoughtful gestures to spread a little kindness.

Often people leave little gifts for others to discover as an act of kindness. That may be a little bit more tricky this year as we remain in lockdown, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate kindness.

Our team at Cypress are encouraging everyone to be thoughtful and kind and they have been collecting donations that will be taken to THAT Foodbank on Wednesday.

Last year, during the first lockdown the team at Cypress created an ‘Appreciation Window’ where staff and people at the hospital were inspired to leave heart-shaped notes for things they were grateful for in their lives. It was an amazingly positive and cathartic experience as people often gave thanks for each other – it was a simple act of kindness that had a big impact for everyone involved.

Now in our third lockdown, the ‘Appreciation Window’ has once again been created at Cypress and it demonstrates that acts of kindness do not have to big, or expensive, gestures. Sometimes just a note of thanks is all that it takes to spread a little bit of kindness.


Kelly Anne, from the Cypress team said: “Last year during the first lockdown, we created an ‘Appreciation Rainbow’. We have since re-done it and it is still being used for some lovely messages to people.

“It has given staff and the people we support an area to leave a message to someone. We have seen some lovely personalised messages which has really made the day of the person they were left for. And the messages to Cypress really show us that people value their time here and feel supported by the work we do.”

Tell us about an unexpected act of kindness that boosted your mood.

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