• Kindness


    The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (18-240 May 2020) is ‘Kindness’ and isn’t it more important than ever to be kind? We have seen some generous acts of Kindness over the past few weeks, with Exeter Gin swapping their speciality from Gin to Hand Sanitisers to support our crisis hospitals, to local […]


    What about Mental Health?


    On 23rd March 2020 the UK Government put the entire UK population into lockdown. This meant a ban on all ‘non-essential’ travel and contact with people outside one’s home (including family and partners). The Corona Virus Act 2020 gave the Government emergency powers which hadn’t been used since the Second World War. One word which […]

  • Fundraising for Step One


    In these uncertain times, charities are finding it harder and harder to raise money to support their cause. That is why today, we launch our Fundraising Page to try to raise important funds to help our community with their Mental Health. We thank everyone that has supported our cause so far, through fundraising, volunteering, and […]

  • Helpful images for wellbeing


    The internet is a wonderful tool for learning and research, but we can also use this to find ideas to improve our wellbeing. Below are some images to give you some inspiration. Why not create a simple routine including daily wellbeing exercises to help you whilst in lockdown? We’d love to know your thoughts and […]

  • Our basic needs


    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs As human beings, our desire is to be all that we can be, in whatever capacity we choose. In this current pandemic, it’s difficult to be all we can so whilst we are in a period of lockdown, let’s focus on the basics and a theory that may help is the […]


    ‘Let’s Talk’


    A wellbeing toolkit with coping strategies for poor mental health. This toolkit is designed to help you think about mental health conditions and how you can support yourself and others through activities and knowledge. To help you in this time we have made this a downloadable file, with editable sections. Let us know what you […]

  • The CHIME Recovery Model


    There are several therapies and models which aid recovery from mental health conditions. CHIME is just one of many that is used – understand this model with the video below. Remember – recovery is possible… ‘…(Recovery) is a way of living a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life with the limitations caused by illness. Recovery involves […]

  • Positive feedback from Torbay Peer Support


    As we continue to support our projects, we’d like to share some feedback from some of our service users of the Torbay Peer Support Project. Thank you to Sharon & Rachael for the continued support for the project and community. Comments and ideas from Torbay Peer Support Project during Coronavirus lockdown Good Afternoon Sharon Hope […]

  • Wellbeing for Lockdown

    Below are a few ideas that have been shared on social media – maybe think about incorporating some of these into your daily lives? Don’t worry if you can’t achieve these, but try to think of ideas to help with your own wellbeing. Don’t forget to visit the Step One social media pages and share […]

  • Depression


    Our video today explains a little about depression and what you can do to help those who you suspect that may be suffering with depression. As always we would love your feedback on our social media pages.

  • Using self-help apps for IOS and Android


    With the use of mobile technology changing the way that we communicate and look after ourselves you may find an app that will help you continue to maintain good wellbeing. Below are a list of apps you may want to explore. Mindfulness and Relaxation Stop, Breathe, Think £ – Free (IOS & Android) A straight […]

  • World Autism Day 2020


    April 2nd marks ‘World Autism Awareness Day’ We have put together a short video which explains what autism is and how if effects people’s lives.   For more information you can visit  

  • Statements to cope with poor mental health


    Today Sharon Nott, Torbay Peer Support Project Manager has provided us with some coping statement for a range of situations. If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, angry, or fearful then positive statements to concentrate on may help alleviate some symptoms. You can download the coping statements below:   Coping statements for pain management Coping statements […]

  • Alternative thoughts for positive thinking

    We all have those negative thoughts that run through our heads from time to time. But when these thoughts become intrusive or regular, to the point where you feel you can’t cope it may be useful to think about alternative thoughts and questions to support you. Attached is a worksheet which allows you to think […]

  • Mindfulness Body Scan


    Mindfulness Body Scan It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much. Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental wellbeing. You can check your mood using this simple mood self-assessment quiz. Some people call this […]