Thank you to our Funders

We are extremely grateful to our Trusts and Foundations for their support of Step One

Step One would like to take a moment to consider how the generosity and dedication of organisations from across the country have enabled the launch of innovative new services which will provide a model for the future of mental health care.

BeWell@StepOne seamlessly blends online and in-person support to provide mental health self-management courses and peer-led support. Over the past year the project has helped approximately 200 people with and without disabilities to feel seen and heard, to find their community, and to take control of their future. This would not have been possible without the support of organisations both local and national.

We would like to thank those organisations which are local to the South West and have helped us to launch BeWell@StepOne across our area, so helping to pull our community together and address the problems we face. We thank Devon County Council and local Councillors Marina Asvachin and Su Aves, Devon Community Foundation, Torbay Community Investment, NHS Charities, The Exeter Chiefs Foundation, The Norman Family Charitable Trust, The Clare Milne Trust, The Gibbons Trusts, and The Marjorie and Geoffrey Jones Charitable Trust among others.

To those national funders, who recognise that the mental health of a nation is built from communities outwards and have believed in our mission to raise the accessibility of support across our region, we offer our sincerest thanks. Garfield Weston Foundation, David Solomon Charitable Trust, R S Brownless Charitable Trust and the National Lottery Awards for All programme.

The arrival of Covid-19 has dramatically altered living conditions and accessible support for offenders and those leaving the prison system. Ex-offenders, already at a disadvantage when it comes to housing, employment, and stability, saw their barriers to inclusion increase and identified goals become unachievable. Support offered by the 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust, Third House Trust, and the Hedley Foundation has allowed offenders to access those skills and items which get them on the first rung of life’s ladder, the hardest step to take.

And finally, Step One would like to extend our utmost thanks to those who have been with us over the years. We would not be where we are without you.

And R S Brownless, the Marjorie and Geoffrey Jones Charitable Trust, David Solomon Charitable Trust, and local Councillors Marina Asvachin and Su Aves. 

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