Training and Support

Stress and high workloads can contribute to poor mental health, with 1 in 6.8 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace. We are championing good workplace mental health and reducing the stigma surround mental health problems but providing mental health training for employers across Devon.

The BeWell@StepOne project offers training and support to workplaces and communities to support employees and peers and recognise signs and symptoms of poor mental health to signpost to the appropriate services.

Did you know?

  • Mental ill health costs UK employers an estimated £24.9 billion a year
  • 57% of all work-related ill health issues were due to depression or anxiety
  • 15.4 million working days were lost due to work related stress

We offer half day, full day and 2 day mental health awareness and first aid courses from £95 pp + VAT – you can find full details in our brochure here.

To find out more, or to book your place please use the contact form to enquire.


Contact form

“The inclusive and open approach the course leader adopted encouraged participants to engage in a way I haven’t seen on other courses. Teaching from experience is always the most effective way to communicate and this was done in a most effective manner. I would highly recommend Step one to anyone wanting to learn more about mental health at work. “

MHFA Participant

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