Torbay Community Access

Providing community support around Torbay to enable individuals to to resolve issues which impact on their mental health. 

This Project involves working directly alongside Devon Partnership Trust, specifically in the Torbay area. Referrals to the service are decided by Devon Partnership Trust and aim to reduce the waiting list for mental health services and reduce hospital admissions. Funding for the service is though the Improved Better Care Fund.

Upon referral a telephone assessment of needs is completed and a session plan is put together based around the goals of the individual. The session plan is specific to the individual and focuses on resolving issues that they feel will have a positive impact on their mental health. We can assist with signposting or setting up links to relevant services. Referrals made are to independent services separate from the NHS.

This is a proactive project which helps people with simple lifestyle or social needs that, if left unattended, to could snowball. This holistic approach allows individuals to feel in control of their lives.

For more information on the Torbay Community Access project, use the contact form below.

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