Types of mental health problems

If you have a mental illness, your doctor will make a formal diagnosis for you. While everyone experiences mental illness in their own way, most people will share common symptoms and side effects. Our information pages will help you learn more.


Learn about the symptoms and treatment for generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)


Learn about depression symptoms, causes and treatments

Bipolar disorder

Learn about bipolar disorder, a condition that causes extreme mood swings

Eating disorder

Learn about the different types of eating disorders as well as treatments


Learn about the symptoms, causes and coping strategies to deal with stress

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Learn about the causes and the different types of obsessions and compulsions


Learn about self-harm, when somebody intentionally damages or injures their own body

Drugs and alcohol misuse

Learn about the different types of drugs, the side effects of using them and what to do if you know somebody who needs help

Personality Disorder

Learn about personality disorders, including the main symptoms and possible causes


Learn about psychosis, including the main symptoms and how to help someone who experiences the condition


Learn about schizophrenia, the possible causes, and the signs and symptoms of the condition

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