What We Do

Find out about our current projects and community support throughout Devon

Through the Gate Support

CFO3 is a voluntary programme that is supported by Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) and part funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) on behalf of Shaw Trust.

The CFO3 project supports people across Devon, we can support ….. read more

Crisis Support

We provide a 24 hour service in South Devon to support people who are reaching a crisis point with their mental health. Cypress Hospital and Granvue are short-stay open units for people to receive care and recover from a mental health crisis…… read more

Torbay Peer Support Project

The Torbay Peer Support Project offers free activities and courses in Torbay for people who are struggling with their mental health as well as their family, friends and professionals that support them. Our team and dedicated volunteers work across Torbay to support the project ….. read more

Community Support Services

This service is generally funded through social care funding from Devon County Council and Devon Partnership NHS Trust, direct/personal budgets from local authorities, or through self-funding……. read more

Supported Living Houses

This service is funded by individual Spot funding for each person generally though Devon County Council….. read more

Torbay Community Access

This Project involves working directly alongside Devon Partnership Trust, specifically in the Torbay area. Referrals to the service are decided by Devon Partnership Trust and aim to reduce the waiting list for mental health services and reduce hospital admissions……… read more

Support and Training

The cost of mental health to both communities and businesses is growing, and with our NHS already stretched beyond capacity Step One have launched ‘Be Well @ Step One’… read more

Our Work in Action