World Mental Health Day 2021

Join us on the 10th of October by raising awareness of mental health inqualities around the world and ensuring that people with mental health concerns are fully integrated in to all aspects of life.

World Mental Health Day is organised by the World Federation for Mental Health and this year’s theme is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’. This particular theme aims to highlight the impact of an increasingly polarised and unequal world when considering people’s mental health. 

Inequalities in health are primarily the result of inequalities in society, where the conditions in which people were born, grow, live and work can be seen to have an impact on their opportunities. Inequalities in physical and mental health are caused by unequal distribution of socioeconomic influences on health, such as education, housing, and employment.

This is why World Mental Health Day will also raise awareness about unequal access to mental health services for those who are experiencing mental health difficulties because between 75% and 95% of people with mental illnesses living in low and middle-income countries are unable to receive mental health treatments at all? Not only this but those who are experiencing mental health difficulties are at a higher risk of becoming discriminated against, homeless, unemployed and isolated from society.

This #WorldMentalHealthDay help us in addressing these inequalities and ensuring that people with lived experience of mental health are fully integrated into all aspects of life.

Here’s how you can campaign: 

Mind – has provided  excellent resources for information about mental health inequality, offering social media materials to help spread the word. 

Mental Health Foundation – has provided World Mental Health Day posters and social media graphics.

Every Mind At Work – has provided useful resources that include posters on mental health support services and tips on how to invest in your mental health 

We are doing our bit here at Step One too. It is our mission to improve overall mental health across Devon by making mental health services accessible to all.  Post-pandemic, record numbers of people are seeking support for their mental health. So we’ve set up our very own free online mental health support service, BeWell@StepOne, to meet some of that demand.  

BeWell@StepOne provides support to as many people as possible across the county through FREE online courses, support groups and learning opportunities. We’re using our experience of providing support services in Devon for over 80 years to help people to manage their own mental health and wellbeing with the help of self-management techniques that we will share and explore through our courses and workshops.

If you or somebody you know are seeking support with their mental health then please head over to our ‘Help and Support’ section above where you can book your place on one of our online workshops and courses today.

Even if these courses aren’t for you then please share our page and help spread the word about our mental health support services. Every share can help prevent someone from reaching a crisis point. 


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