I like learning different things

Otis is using our Enabling service to become more independent and seek radio opportunities.

Otis loves broadcasting and has no nerves about being on the radio. He says: “I love talking on air and I don’t run out of things to say!”

He presents programmes on VI Radio at WESC where he’s a student and is now using our Enabling service to gain more experience.

Our support workers are helping Otis to approach local radio stations for voluntary work and use cutting-edge facilities at a nearby arts centre.

Otis explains: “I’ve been using the Sound Gallery Studios at Exeter Phoenix to experiment to make and mix music like a DJ. I like learning different things and would like to learn more.”

His passion for music previously led him to visit the BBC Radio 1 studios in London where he met DJs including Annie Mac and Yasmin Evans.


While Otis is building up his media experience, he’s also using our service to boost his skills in other areas.

Otis is visually impaired and is doing lots of mobility training with the support workers to become more confident in getting around as independently as possible, including travelling by train and bus. (Navigating his way to and from the Enabling service office provides good practice as it’s just off Exeter’s busy high street.)

He’s also doing lots of cooking with our support workers so he will be able to prepare meals at home, and has been going swimming.

Otis says: “I like being able to choose what I want to do.”