World Mental Health Day 2022 


Make mental health & wellbeing for all a global priority

Organised by the World Federation For Mental Health (WFMH), World Mental Health Day is celebrated on Monday 10th October 2022. This year’s theme is ‘Make Mental Health & Wellbeing for all a Global Priority’. 

Whilst the pandemic has, and continues to, take its toll on our mental health, the ability to reconnect through World Mental Health Day 2022 will provide us with an opportunity to protect and improve mental health. 

Whether you’re an individual struggling to look after “number one” or an employer looking to taking this opportunity to prioritise employee’s mental health and wellbeing, it is more important than ever to start an open conversation about mental health and to break the stigma and discrimination that continues to be a barrier to social inclusion and access to the right care.  

In the United Kingdom, mental health issues represent the single largest cause of disability. One in four adults suffer from at least one mental health illness in any given year. Several social, economic, biological, and psychological factors can lead to poor mental health. The stigma associated with mental illness is reported to be the biggest barrier preventing people from seeking care and treatment. This #WorldMentalHealthDay we are asking you to help us in addressing these inequalities and ensure that people with lived experience of mental health are fully integrated into all aspects of life.  

Here are Step One Charity, we are doing our bit to help as much as we can. It is our mission to improve overall mental health across Devon by making mental health services accessible to all. We hope to help as many people as we possibly can with our free BeWell@StepOne courses, workshops and peer support groups, allowing people to manage their own mental health and wellbeing with self-management techniques. To find out more about what we offer, click here. 

If you are worried about your own mental health or someone you care about and would like to explore the options for support and treatment, click here.

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